At Blue Wave Plumbing we can supply and install humidifiers or service existing ones. We can supply and install any humidifier however the humidifier manufacturer that we recommend is Generalaire. We have found that Generalaire humidifiers are reliable, they have lots of models to choose from and are easy to get parts for if needed. As a rule of thumb the humidity level in your home should be in between 30% and 40% depending on the temperature out side. The pros of having a humidifier are:

  • It helps dry skin
  • It helps to prevent nose bleeds
  • It helps with static electricity
  • It keeps hard wood floors and wood work from shrinking
  • It helps keep expensive musical instruments in good shape

When we supply a humidifier we will make sure that it is sized correctly to the house and is the correct unit for the application. If you are worried about water usage we can even install a water saver controller that will save at least 50% water usage.

Our work also comes with a one year warranty on parts and labor.