At Blue Wave Plumbing we can supply, install or service sump pumps. The two most common types of sump pumps that we work on are storm and sewage. When we supply and install any sump pump we take care of the entire process.

Storm Sump Pump

When we install a storm sump pump we start by jackhamering about a three foot diameter hole in the basement floor where the water table is highest. After that we remove the soil that is under the cement so that we can place a catch basin that is roughly three feet deep in the ground. Before we place the catch basin in the ground we drill 1/2 inch holes in the side of it spaced out roughly 3 inches apart. After that is done we wrap the catch basin in landscape cloth to help aid in straining the water before it goes into the catch basin. The catch basin is then placed in the hole with about 6 inches of pea gravel surrounding it. We will then recement the floor around the catch basin. Once the catch basin is done we will place the pump in it and pipe it to the outdoors as it is against plumbing code to pipe it to the drain sytem in your house. We will test it to make sure it is working properly.

Sewage Sump Pump

A sewage sump pump is needed when plumbing is going to be installed and either a drain is too far ayway or too shalow in the ground to tie into. Once we determine which type of sewage sump is needed we will install it making sure it is done correctly and to plumbing code. We will take care of the entire process from pulling the permit to the final testing to insure it is in good working order.When we service/replace any sump pump we make sure to install the correct pump for the application it is being used in. We will only supply pumps and parts that are CSA approved, have a good warranty and that are durable.

Our work is also backed up with a one year warranty on parts and labor.